How Does a Virtual Phone System Work

If you’ve ever worked at a business, or have your own business that utilizes a traditional phone system, then you already understand how a virtual phone system works because the idea is the same. On-site, traditional phone systems have been the backbone of businesses for a long time, and this kind of network is a precursor to the service provided by Talkroute. Inspired by conventional networks, Talkroute works along the same principles and offers the same features—except it’s completely virtual, which is why there is no need to buy new equipment.

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Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Fully-Functional Phone System

Just like the conventional phone networks, a virtual phone system manages every call that comes into your business. Instead of buying a bunch of new desk phones and routing equipment, Talkroute allows you to create a professional phone system through your cell phone. Once you’re up and running, you can add every member of your team to the system so that calls are routed to whichever phones you like, cell or landline.

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Features You Can’t Do Without

All of your phones would have necessary features like hold queues, transfer capabilities, music on hold, voicemail, and of course, a support department to help with troubleshooting and problems or issues you may have. In the past, an on-site system was the only way to satisfy this need. Enter the virtual phone system.


Technology has Changed the Game

Not every small business can justify spending the thousands of dollars to install a conventional system, and even if they could, there was another problem: It’s difficult to manage calls remotely. Google Voice was one of the first to recognize this problem, and though they provide a great service, it is still lacking some key features like the ability to handle multiple calls at once and music on hold—basic features of a conventional system.


Virtual Service is Reliable..

..that is, some virtual service is reliable. Virtual providers using VoIP are infamously unreliable because it relies on your internet connection to connect calls, which is why Talkroute routes calls through the existing infrastructure used by your carrier, such as AT&T or Verizon. This kind of phone system, when it is done right, offers businesses the very same capabilities as the classic, on-site network. A call comes in, the virtual service routes the call to each landline or cell phone belonging to representatives, either through the phone tree provided with your account or directly to the forwarding numbers, and the system manages your calls just as effectively as a classic system.

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Our Mission

The goal of Talkroute from the beginning was to offer businesses the same experience that they would get from a quality, on-site conventional phone system, without the need for expensive equipment or changes in service. All of the features listed above, which are basic needs of any phone system for business, are included with a virtual system like Talkroute.

Once you sign up for a free trial, all you have to do is select a new number or port-in your existing number to Talkroute, select what numbers to which you would like calls to be routed, and customize the features provided with your account. With a virtual phone system, your calls are efficiently managed, transforming the phones of everyone on your team into a completely integrated, professional network.

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