3CX WebMeeting Service Status


Server Availability: High

South Africa

Server Availability: High

Australia, East Asia

Server Availability: High

BeNeLux, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe

Server Availability: High

UK, Ireland, Middle East, North Africa

Server Availability: High


Server Availability: High

Central Europe

Server Availability: High

United States, Canada, South and Central America

Server Availability: High

2020/06/02 | Maintenance

2020/06/02 | Rolling maintenance on all zones will be performed between 9:00AM – 11:30AM CEST. Some users will experience a meeting disconnect as maintenance takes place on specific nodes and zones. Meeting availability will continue to be high during this maintenance window.

2020/05/31 | Zone-I (Americas) Unexpected Downtime

2020/05/31 | Unexpected downtime ocurred between ~19:00-20:00 on 2020/05/31 on Zone-I (Americas) where meetings were temporarily inaccessible. The fault was identified by NOC staff and rectified. The cause has been identified and a fix will be deployed on 2020/06/01.

2020/05/29 | WebMeeting Updates

2020/05/29 | The latest WebMeeting updates are being rolled out for customers in Asia, ZA, US and parts of Europe. The latest changes provide improvements to meeting quality and remove the need for users to tamper with meeting quality settings regardless of what their connection speed is. Fixes and other improvements are also included in this release. For more keep an eye out on the 3cx.com/blog page during next week.

2020/05/16 | WebMeeting Updates

2020/05/16 | A rolling update and restart of all MCUs will occur. Users connected to meetings will experience a disconnect as the service is updated. Users will need to reconnect manually. We are deploying automatic bandwidth management features.

2020/04/22 | WebMeeting Update

2020/04/22 | We are updating the WebMeeting platform for the purpose of releasing fixes, updates and improvements for all users. The rollout will be performed for each region during each region’s least active time. The update is expected to fix issues related to audio loss when disabling/enabling one’s camera as well as other issues. More soon on 3cx.com/blog

2020/04/13 | WebMeeting Update

2020/04/13 | We are pushing WebMeeting updates and other improvements to all servers. We’ll be performing rolling MCU updates which means all users will eventually be disconnected from their meetings and will need to reconnect. Meeting logins will be unavailable for 40 seconds as the platform is updated.

2020/04/08 | More MCUs

2020/04/08 | Several more servers are being added to our European zones. These may be temporarily marked as ‘Unavailable for new meetings’ until they are ready to be enabled.

2020/04/07 | Ease of use update

2020/04/07 | Today at 22:00 GMT +0 we’ll be performing global maintenance on all meeting servers. It’s expected that users will be unable to join meetings for a duration of 1 minute until the upgrade is complete.

2020/04/07 | ZA MCU Online

2020/04/07 | A ZA MCU previously taken online due to issues is now back online as any outstanding issues have been resolved.

2020/04/05 | Maintenance complete on zone-d.3cx.net

2020/04/05 | Maintenance on zone-d.3cx.net is now complete.

Last updated on 2020-06-04 at 11:05 UTC




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