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Communication with customers is the most crucial aspect of any Sales or Service is driven business. Any dropped calls, delays in replies, poor communication quality, expensive hardware, etc. can definitely result in loss of leads and existing customers. The best cloud based phone system was created to be a solution for all the above issues.

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that the Virtual Business Cloud Phone System is not much of a new concept. It has indeed existed for years now. But with the improved internet speeds and more sophisticated communication technology available now, there has been an enormous increase in the number of businesses adopting cloud phone systems also known as (internet-based phone systems) and as a result, a significant increase in the companies that provide small business virtual phone system service across the globe.

Regardless of the status of a business, be it an enterprise or even a billion-dollar Corporate Giant, the cost of adding a small business cloud VoIP phone system is hardly a fraction of the benefits it provides.

Why is a Virtual Phone System Necessary for Small Business?

Here’s why small business owners or managers like you must migrate to a cloud based phone system at the earliest.

  • With a cloud phone system for small businesses in place, you can say goodbye to phone bills, answering tapes, and wire tangles as your phone system will be stored virtually.
  • Apart from being affordable and convenient to use, the cloud based phone system will bring about positive improvements in the way in which your business operates.
  • Cloud VoIP or hosted telephony will replace your traditional phone system, landline, PBX (Private branch exchange), etc. with cloud PBX backed by third-party VoIP (Voice over IP) services.
  • The usage of Internet for voice delivery and multimedia communications will provide better connectivity with your customers and end-users alike.
  • Cloud phone systems for small businesses are third-party products. Given this, they need not be maintained, made available, and updated by you in-house. This in turn reduces the overhead costs involved with server maintenance and results in enhanced productivity.

Overall, a cloud phone system takes care of concerns such as redundancy and data security to offer continuous support to SMEs. With virtually no cost for installation, a well-designed virtual phone system for small businesses will help the ROI (Return on investment) of your company show notable improvements.

Connect with Clients More Effectively

Providers of a scalable business cloud phone system, such as CallHippo, will help in setting a support center at the earliest. You can invite team members, assign them with numbers – all without investing heavily on skilled technicians or expensive equipment or skilled technicians. A computer, a working internet connection, and a headset are all you need to create a difference in how your business communicates with the world.

Get Going with Cloud Phone System

Sign up with CallHippo to manage your call analytics in the best possible manner.

  • Get information like the details of your callers, time duration, call status, etc. for better analytics.
  • You can listen to the call recordings from the dashboard directly and get real-time reports on the call status history.
  • The virtual number so obtained will offer greater mobility for your operations as your business will no longer be limited to any specific place/location.

Go ahead and enjoy call recordings, tracking of calls, IVR, call distribution, and a host of other advantages to steer your business to the next level of success!




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