How to Troubleshoot a Computer


I bought a used computer. It runs great, but the screen has yellow tint, which is hard on the eyes. Can this be fixed?

The color settings on most computers can be changed. The exact process depends on your operating system. For example, in Windows 8, you can right-click on the desktop, click Graphics Properties, click Display, click Color at the top, and either click Restore Defaults at the bottom to change the colors back to the default setting (if they’re not in it) or manually adjust the values for each color until you’re satisfied, and click Apply. Note that, while it may seem strange for you because you’re not used to it, a yellow tint actually tends to be easier on the eyes. Computers and other electronics tend to emit a lot of blue light that is harsh on the eyes and potentially damaging in the long run; reducing the ratio of blue light emitted from the screen can help with that, even if it makes things look more yellow.


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