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Expanding businesses and demanding customer needs in Canada can only be addressed with the help of some technology that furnishes and smoothes the interaction system between the company and its users. A virtual phone number Canada comes in handy here. With CallHippo’s Canada telephone number, a business is provided with different Canadian virtual phone numbers for multiple locations across the country. Get your own Canada virtual phone number or Canada toll-free numbers in less than 3 minutes with the premium services provided by CallHippo.CallHippo provides these customer-oriented companies Canada virtual phone number or Canadian virtual phone number that is astonishingly helpful in many ways


Canada Phone Numbers follow a fixed-length Bell System format. It comprises

  • Country code (+1), followed by
  • Three-digit area code
  • Three-digit central office/exchange code, and
  • Four-digit station code.

For instance, Canada’s phone numbers can be represented by +1 ABC NXX XXXX, where +1 is the country code.
For making local calls from a Canadian landline, you can dial without adding the country code, i.e., 1. Similarly, you can follow the same format while dialing to North American Numbering Plan countries. If you want to place calls to locations beyond the country code periphery, dialing 011 as a prefix is mandatory. Only then you can dial the respective country code and the national significance number.

Canada phone numbers can be demonstrated as “ABC-NXX-XXXX.” For example, a fictional number can be written as 250 888 9632, (250) 888-9632, 250-888-0199, or 250/888-9632. However, +1ABCXXXXXXX with no spaces, hyphens, or other characters is the modern format for Canada phone numbers that are followed globally.



1.Ensures smooth interaction

What a client wants is an efficient and hassle-free system that meets their needs in time. The Canada phone number or virtual Canada phone number ensures this stability in interaction without consuming any time in connecting the two.

2. Call transfers to other departments

A company has various departments taking care of different segments. The Canada mobile phone number or VoIP phone number Canada or virtual Canada phone number is of great assistance here.

3. Prevents extra costs

When you buy a Canadian virtual phone number, you can save yourself from the huge expenditures. Therefore, this new technology of virtual calling using Canada’s virtual phone number is crucial for every business managing their Canada based clients.

Canada Phone Number

Canada Phone Number

Use virtual phone system Canada or virtual phone number Canada to shield your home phone number and enhance privacy. People can connect straight to you by dialing your virtual Canada phone number or Canada mobile phone number like any other local number. The Canadian virtual phone number gives you a Canada local DID number, which can be accessed from any part of the world without incurring any additional international calling charges. Simply call CallHippo to get a virtual phone system Canada for your business.

Virtual phone numbers Canada or Canadian virtual phone numbers have similar area codes to the country where you market your product. By using VoIP cell phone number Canada, business firms reach their customer through telemarketing. It is quite essential to establish a reliable customer desk with Canada local DID number irrespective of the business you deal with. The Canadian virtual mobile number is available at a limited cost. All incoming calls on virtual number Canada or Canada mobile phone number are free. With every VoIP cell phone number Canada, you get two lines of Canadian virtual phone number. If you wish to have more than 2 lines in your Canada phone number, you need to pay an additional fee. When you buy Canada virtual phone number, you can make international calls at the cost of a local one. You can also add more than one Canada telephone number irrespective of the calling plan. To buy Canadian virtual phone number, you can only select the area code. The rest of your VoIP phone number Canada will be assigned during set-up. You can add your VoIP phone number Canada to your online account.




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