All Phone Numbers Include These Advanced Calling Features


Empower Your Employees

Give your employees the ability to manage all your business communications easily and effectively through their computer or smartphone. Remote, mobile and home-based workers can receive and place calls from any location with Internet access. All calls placed through Softphone will display your business Caller ID.

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Communicate With Your Customers

Allow your agents to view and manage your all your customer communications. Provide improved customer service by instantly accessing a history of your all calls and texts from your customers. Your agents can listen to voice mail, call recordings and view customer’s communication history.

International Calling Made Easy

Traveling abroad? Avoid roaming charges when traveling internationally by using Softphone in combination with WIFI hotspots. All calls are placed using the Internet and charged to your VirtualPhone.com account. Our intelligent phone number validator makes dialing international numbers easy.

Call Forwarding

Forward Your Calls to Anyone Anywhere

You and your employees no longer need to wait at your desks for important business calls. Your incoming voice calls can be forwarded to any phone, smart phone or desktop computer with Internet access. Need to add new call destinations? With a few clicks, you can instantly change where calls are forwarded.


Never Miss Calls From Your Customers

Ensure that your calls are answered as quickly as possible. Configure call forwarding to ring a group of phone numbers, Softphones or SIP devices simultaneously or sequentially until the call is answered. If no one is available to answer, calls can be routed to voice mail, a voice menu (IVR) or forwarded to another destination such as a call center.

Live Chat With Voice

Turn Clicks Into Customers

Virtualphone.com’s Web Button allows you to engage with your customers using their preferred method of communication. Customize your Web Button to connect your customers to the right people using chat and voice conversations. Your customers can reach you anytime by clicking on a Web Button link on your website, online advertisement, email signature or online document.

Gain Insight Into Your Customers

Offer you customers better customer service while they are on your website. When using your Softphone, chats and calls from your Web Button can display important information including:

  • Visitor’s name, email and phone number
  • Geographic location
  • Visitor’s local time
  • The web page the caller was viewing
  • The visitor’s web browser and operating system
  • Custom information such as customer identification or status

Easy Setup

Our easy to use tools allow you to add a Web Button by pasting a few lines of code into your website. Configure your Web Button to automatically ask visitors to enter their name, email and phone number so that your agents know who is calling and how they can be reached. Additionally, you can pass along custom information that your agents can use. For example, you can add a Web Button on your shopping cart page and pass the list of items a customer is purchasing along with the total balance. Your agents will see this information before answering the call. All information passed through your Web Button is stored and can be viewed anytime in your Softphone.


Better Customer Experience

Customize your IVR to route calls to any phone number, voicemail, call queue or even another IVR. Using multiple IVRs, you can direct your callers to a department: Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Support or Dial an Extension and then direct your callers to a specific person: Press 1 for John Smith. Press 2 for Jane Doe

Call Recording

Record Your Important Calls

With Call Recording, you can record any incoming or outgoing calls. Use Call Recording for legal compliance, record keeping or agent training. Record all or a percentage of your voice calls. Access call recordings online or from your Softphone.



Unlike email, most SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. Use your VirtualPhone.com virtual number to send, receive and track SMS messages from your customers. Allow your support or sales teams to respond directly to customers. View logs of your SMS messages with your customers and gain valuable insights that phone calls alone cannot provide.

Call Schedule

Specify Where Calls Are Routed Based On Business Hours

Robust scheduling options allow you to route your business calls based on specific dates and times such as business hours, weekends and holidays. For example, you can use Call Schedule to route calls to your agents during business hours and to an IVR or voice mail during off hours. You can even specify your how your calls will be routed during holidays or at special dates during the year.

VoiceMail & Fax

Never Miss Calls From Your Customers

Our Voicemail service records your callers’ messages and converts them into audio files that are instantly available via email, online or on your Softphone. Conf
igure Voicemail to email you or your team a copy of the recordings

Receive Faxes To Any Of Your VirtualPhone.com Numbers

Faxes are stored securely and are sent to you as email attachments. For increased security, faxes can be password protected.

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