Are you born for sales? Are you outgoing and a hard worker? If you enjoy interacting with people, are able to quickly identify the needs of potential customers and can explain features of a product or service in an articulate and accurate manner, you might make a good Sales Consultant. This is a commission only position with potential to become a Sales Manager if desired.




Duties are:

1) Interacting with potential customers to ascertain their requirements.

2) Based on customer’s requirements, recommending the most suitable products or services out of the company’s portfolio.

3) Making follow up calls to try and close a sale.

4) Maintaining relationships with existing customers and working towards obtaining repeat orders. 

5) Liaising between the customer and the after sales team once the product or service has been sold, to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained.

6) Maintaining customer databases and files as required, including keeping a track of individual customers’ preferences.

7) Meeting his/her sales targets.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Outgoing personality

2) Level 2 to Level 3 IT knowledge

3) Excellent communication and negotiation skills are important.

4) The ability to put himself in the customers’ shoes, to empathise with the customer and to understand what it is that will make him want to purchase a particular product.

Educational Qualifications and Experience:

1) A college degree in computer science is preferred, but not required.

2) 2+ years in IT sales or a strong network of business professionals


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