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The Pay-Per- Minute gives you the flexibility of a low monthly price for business or personal use.


The Unlimited Plan is designed to grow with your business and work where you work.

The app is modern and it actually makes me want to use it on a daily basis. Keep up the good work! is the perfect phone service for startups and on-the-go businesses.

Great responsive people and willing to work through things if needed. PS. Ellos hablan español



Find Your Perfect Number

Choose from our inventory of local, toll free, and vanity toll free numbers. offers a cloud-based, unified communication solution for small businesses in the U.S. We provide our customers the most comprehensive suite of modern telephony features for the lowest price. Period.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a one-person show or setting up your next big thing, a small business looking to replace your existing phone system or a big business looking for a more cost-effective multi-line phone system for your office, is the right solution for you.


Have your team at one location (like an office) or scattered around the globe working online. Our virtual phone system works exactly the same either way. You and your team will always feel connected, internally and with your customers. With you’ll have one thing less to worry about. Actually a few less things.

Talk, Text & Video Chat

Video Conferencing

Desktop, Laptop & Mobile

Vanity Local Numbers

Vanity Local Numbers

Custom & Vanity Numbers

Multiple Extensions

CRM Integration

Live Receptionist

Call Recording

Call Recording

Call Recording


Oh – and we have Fax.

Separate business from personal and feel more professional with our business phone solutions.

Using your personal number for business sends the wrong impression. Our solution gives you a business phone number that travels the way you do.


woman using voip

woman using voip

For small business owners, access to a reliable phone system is essential. Business phone systems allow us to communicate with leads, network with other business owners, and negotiate important deals on a much more intimate basis than digital communications such as texts or emails.


Traditional desk phone systems have taken a backseat to more modern internet-based forms of communication. These days, small business owners and employees simply can’t afford to be constantly tethered to their desk. Enter! Virtual phone systems have removed the limitations set by antiquated small business phone systems. Modern cloud-based virtual phone systems allow companies to communicate more effectively from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Centralize all your communication

Small businesses that use traditional desk phone systems find themselves shackled and stuck between the phone company and the limited features and support available to them. With a cloud-based phone operating system, all the communication formats and features can be found in one place, using one simple interface. 


Phone calls, video conferences, meetings, and messages are managed using one cloud phone system application. As small business owners, we understand how important it is to keep things simple. Using a cloud phone service distills your company’s communication down into an easy-to-use, yet robust package.

Communicate more effectively and keep tags on all channels

When your company uses a traditional desk phone system, typically the only documentation you are privy to is a very basic call log which only lists all incoming and outgoing calls. Virtual office phone systems provide unprecedented control of your business’s communication channels. 


They also allow business owners to document and sync all their communication data. By having constant access to your business’s communications you can rest assured that you’ll never forget a conversation while running that big ship of yours. Control features, such as call barging among others, allow you to supervise and monitor your multi-line phone system small business.

Always be connected, wherever you go

In contrast to desk phone systems which, at best, offer remote access to your voicemail, virtual phone systems are built for mobility. They allow you to use mobile and desktop applications to gain full access to your communication system from anywhere with an internet connection. 


Using a virtual business phone line allows you to never miss any important calls or messages. Since you always have access to your communication channels, you’re always available to your employees, contacts, and customers.

Work better as a team

Running a business of any size is all about collaboration. Strong team communication is an essential piece of the successful business puzzle. Using the right tools to incubate a team-friendly environment will go a long way to improve workflow. 


Team messaging and collaboration software provides employees with a way to share files, manage tasks, communicate through video, and bring remote workers together, all in exciting real-time ways. Virtual phone systems allow teams to be more informed of their company’s projects, and remain more attuned with each other’s responsibilities.

Always be connected

Making calls through VoIP is simple since you can do it from a wide range of devices. From softphones on a computer to dedicated IP phones. Use the app to make calls on Android or IOS devices as well. This way your VoIP service travels with you.

What is a business phone system?

Modern business phone systems are full-service virtual solutions for small business communications. Phone systems for business are specifically designed to meet the versatile needs of growing companies. They allow teams and employees to seamlessly communicate using a large number of powerful tools.

What do I need in order to set one up?

The answer depends on what your business needs. Ultimately, to get started all you need is an internet connection and an internet-enabled device. Once you have signed up for the best business phone system for you, you can decide what communication methods and means of access you would like to use. Virtual phone systems are versatile, meaning the complexity of your phone system can vary widely depending on how you plan to use it.

Can I use my mobile phone with a cloud phone system?

Yes. The best virtual phone system options allow you to access your account from practically any device at any time. User-friendly mobile apps provide instant access to your virtual business phone from smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs.

Can I use my computer to receive and make calls?

Absolutely. Cloud-based virtual phone systems allow you to make and receive voice, video, and conference calls right from your computer using our Softphone Communicator application. This makes your communication easier and more reliable than ever before.

Can I choose my own number?

Yes. Choosing an easy-to-remember phone number can go a long way towards improving your brand recognition. Most of the best virtual phone services will even allow you to choose vanity phone numbers, such as 1-800-MYPHONE. Custom, or vanity, phone numbers allow potential customers know what you do, even before they call. They’re also easier to retain and more likely to drive engagement.

Can I have a different area or country code than where I live?

Yes. By their very nature, VoIP internet phone systems enhance geographical mobility by allowing companies to choose phone numbers that work for them. Your phone number is completely customizable and can be chosen to fit your specific regional needs.

Do office phone systems provide good value for the money?

Virtual phone systems are an incredible value. When you sign up for an cloud-based automated phone system, you’re not only getting telephone access – you’re also gaining access to a complete communication tool package, including a masterfully designed UI (user interface) and a host of dynamic tools that turn your small business into a collaborative powerhouse. Most virtual phone packages feature complete communication solutions that cover everything to get your company’s communication infrastructure up and running.

What are the down sides to using a legacy business phone service?

The issue with legacy business phone services is that they keep small business employees tied to their desks. Why use a desk phone system when there are so many affordable, powerful, and technologically advanced tools at your fingertips? The answer is clear: unchain yourself from your office and go virtual today.


Virtual business phone systems enable small businesses to communicate in a brand new way. Featuring affordable packages, robust tools, customizable options, and on-to-go collaboration & communication, the newest generation of business phone systems make companies more efficient and inspire a team-forward attitude. 





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