The 3CX client for iOS only works with 3CX Phone System v16 and V15.5. It will not work with other commercial or open-source PBXs. Some features will only work with Version 16 so it is recommended to update your 3CX Server installation to V16.

This app allows you to make and receive office calls on your device from anywhere. The app fully supports PUSH, allowing your device to be on standby when not in use and save battery life. When an incoming call occurs on your office extension, your device will ‘wake up’ and notify you as it would with a regular GSM call.

Benefits include:

– Make and receive calls on your smartphone/tablet from your office extension.
– One number concept. Calls made to your office extension will ring on your iOS device.
– Reduced mobile phone bill; call colleagues via the 3CX client rather than via the mobile network.
– Seamless out of office or in office detection.
– Transfer & Hold calls.
– Easily change your status (available, busy etc.).
– Take multiple calls simultaneously.
– View the status of your colleagues.
– Easily setup conference calls.
– Instant Corporate Chat.

The 3CX client requires Apple PUSH to be configured by your organization’s PBX administrator.

4 Nov 2019

Version 16.0.2

Warning message informing users that a major update is coming soon.

Brendan D’Arcy-Evans ,

This app completes the solution.

For years I carried a second mobile phone and was forever dialling feature codes or changing profiles to get calls through to my mobile, not to mention the call charges associated with doing it. Now with 3CX and a small amount of mobile data I’ve ditched the second mobile and have total freedom where and how I take my calls, all conveniently routed through the office. This app is a significant business requirement for me now and a serious productivity tool.

Dealsy ,

Awesome phone app

The 3CX phone app for the Apple iPhone has been a great benefit for our staff to remain part of the company phone system no matter where they are travelling either in Australia or around the world.
Very simple to use, but still powerful on features delivered to users.
Also the fact the this app comes free with the 3CX phone system is such a beneficial cost saving over opposition solutions.
Highly recommended.

MyWorkAccount ,

todo: fix contrast

In either normal or dark mode, the top result in any contact search is highlighted by a shade almost identical to the text so that the top, or only, hit appears hidden as if apparently that contact is not there and my users keep reporting missing entries in the contacts list until I tell them about this issue.

  • Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

  • Get things done within this app using just your voice.




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