16 Examples of IT Services

IT servicesaretechnologyfunctions that are offered with support and management. This allows customers to useinformation technologywithout managing complexities such as maintenance, security, scalability and resilience. IT services may be offered by internal teams or external partners. They typically offer a help desk for support and anSLAthat defines the quality of the service. The following are common examples of IT services.Systemsthatautomatework such as a banking system that performs account reconciliation.Software that is primarily intended to be used by people such as acustomer relationship managementplatform.

Data Visualization

Applications thatvisualize datafor users.Software such as adata miningtool orstatisticsplatform that is used to find meaning indata.Software forcontrollingand sharingknowledgesuch as a document management platform.


Platforms for publishinginformationsuch as a blogging platform orcontent managementtool.Software for creating and publishingmediasuch as a video publishing platform.


Communication tools such as chat, email, voice, messaging andtelepresence.Technologies fororchestratingandchoreographingbusiness processes such as aworkflowengine.

End-user Devices

Management and support for a fleet of technology devices. For example, an IT service that manages all the computers and mobile devices assigned to employees at a firm.Data processingincludingcloud computingplatforms.

Data Storage

Data storage includingfiles, applicationdataanddatabases.APIsoffered as a managed service. For example, anAPIthat providesmarket datato banks.Technologies tosecure information technology environments. For example, a security platform that monitors for threats and automatically patches vulnerabilities.Digital infrastructuresuch as mobile and wirednetworking.The concept of IT services may be extended to the management of physical things. For example, an aircraft engine manufacturer that monitors operating jet engines in realtime as a service to airlines.

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