What Is VoIP and How Does It Work? Complete Guide

VoIP Benefits

The benefits of VoIP are clear and there’s a reason so many businesses are switching to it. The technology’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and integration capability all add up to a higher customer satisfaction for your business — paired with lower operational costs. Here’s why.

Advanced calling features

VoIP systems unlock the “bonus features” of phone calls. Tools like video conferencing or voicemail-to-email allow you to meet with others across different mediums, while call forwarding ensures that you’ll be able to take or make calls from a variety of different numbers.

Voicemail, call waiting notifications, and caller ID all work to ensure every employee stays on top of their work even if they can’t accept a call immediately. Finally, conference calling allows for large meetings, while a call recording feature helps your operation monitor for quality.


The digital nature of VoIP makes it easy to dovetail with other business software for boosted operational efficiency, both internally and externally. Done right, a few integrations can create a single centralized dashboard for handling virtually all your business communication and management needs. Software integrations are a key advantage VoIP offers that landline telephone systems can’t replicate.




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