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Turn your ideas into a remarkable website experience with thousands of built-in design features that are just a click away.

Free website design for an eCommerce sport site featuring a web and mobile version plus a site theme tool.Homepage for an eCommerce website selling sporting equipment featuring a mobile version and the site theme tool.

Ignite your design with optimized templates

Explore our industry-leading collection of website templates and customize them to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Bring the wow into your web design

Engage your site visitors with interactive visuals and effects that’ll keep them scrolling.

Choose a theme

Build your site’s look by picking colors and fonts with ready-made style kits or by designing your own.

Insert depth

Apply Radial, Linear, Fluid, or Conic gradients to the background of elements for an extra creative touch.

Play with layouts

Let AI arrange your content in a click so you can quickly find the look you love.

Interact with videos

Add some action to your site using exclusive technologies like VideoBox, Video Mask, and Transparent Videos.

Add visual interest

Use vector art, bold shapes, striking lines, and captivating strip-shaped dividers to spice up your web design.

Infuse movement

Blend animations and Background Scroll Effects for a more engaging user experience.

Generate sections

Free up hours of work by prompting AI to create on-brand sections like maps, forms, an ‘about us’ and much more.

Create custom images

Transform your ideas into high-quality AI generated images in a click and get creative by customizing the style.

Add function to your flair with built-in business tools

An eCommerce website’s product page featuring a mobile view of the product details.

Online store

Manage your entire business and sell online through a powerful eCommerce website.

An eCommerce website’s product page featuring a mobile view of the product details. Screenshot of a graphic designer’s portfolio website.


Showcase your work on an online portfolio to increase visibility and attract new clients.

Screenshot of a graphic designer’s portfolio website. Three images representing blog posts, each displaying reader views for the respective posts.


Grow a loyal audience and monetize your content using our free blog maker.

Three images representing blog posts, each displaying reader views for the respective posts.Screenshot of a booking page for a tennis class.

Scheduling software

Offer your services and deliver a seamless online scheduling experience. 

Screenshot of a booking page for a tennis class. An image of a helmet and a website’s domain name.An image of a helmet and a website’s domain name.Graphs showing social traffic and website visitors for a music festival’s website.

SEO and marketing tools

Boost your site’s traffic with Wix SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.

Graphs showing social traffic and website visitors for a music festival’s website.

Design with custom code

Supercharge your website design with custom code for enhanced UX, CSS control and widget creation.

An example of transforming cards on click

An example of microinteractions on text

An example of rotating icon on click

An example of flipping image interaction

Explore resources for inspiration, instruction, and innovation.

An image displaying various design elements linking to an article about website design.

A comprehensive guide to website design

Thumbnail for a video course on building a site with Wix Editor.

Course: Building your site with the Wix Editor

Thumbnail for a video course on designing your site with advanced features.

Course: Designing your site with advanced features

A stack of screenshots showcasing various website homepages.

31 websites to inspire your design

Join the platform trusted by over +250 million users

An abstract image of multiple website homepages.

Find inspiring website designs created by Wix users.

An image of a person symbolizing the website designers available for hire to assist with website design.

Hire a website designer to bring your vision to life.


What are the different types of web design?

There are various types of web designs to match different types of websites. Here are a few examples:

  • Single page design: Ideal for small projects or simple content presentation. It’s concise and delivers information on a single scrollable page.

  • Dynamic page design: Suited for scaling websites with changing content. It allows for easy updates and expansion as your content grows.

  • Adaptive page design: Ensures a seamless user experience across different devices and screen sizes. It adjusts the layout and content presentation accordingly.

Learn more about website layouts

What are the main elements included in custom website design?

Modern website design incorporates several key elements for an appealing and functional site. These include:

  • Layout: The way content is structured on your website for easy navigation and readability.

  • Typography: The selection of fonts and their arrangement for clear and aesthetically pleasing text presentation.

  • Color: A thoughtfully chosen color scheme that aligns with your brand and enhances user experience.

  • Imagery: High-quality images and graphics that enhance visual appeal and convey your message effectively.

  • Navigation: User-friendly menus and navigation bars that make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

  • Accessibility: Ensuring your website is designed to be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

What are the most important website design principles?

When it comes to website design, certain principles are considered essential for success. These include prioritizing content “Above the Fold” for immediate impact, establishing a clear visual hierarchy, optimizing the design for all devices, and using visual cues effectively. Explore more principles of design

Which steps are included in the process of designing a website?

The process of designing a website typically involves several stages:

  • Goals & planning: Defining the website’s purpose, target audience, and objectives.

  • Design: Creating the visual and structural aspects in your website builder, including layout and aesthetics.

  • Content & content visualization: Developing and integrating relevant content, such as text, images, and multimedia.

  • Development: Building the website using coding and programming languages.

  • Launch: Deploying the website for public access.

Learn how to design a website

Can I design a website using AI?

Yes! With Wix’s AI website generator, you can create best-in-class sites in no time using a conversational interface. Once your site has been created by our AI, you can easily adjust the theme, layout and text until you are satisfied with the result. Plus, you can use our intuitive AI tools to instantly create engaging content anywhere you need it, enhance your site look with AI-generated images and even get AI optimized SEO meta tags and emails.

How to ensure top performance when creating new website designs?

Achieving optimal performance in website design involves several steps:

  • Process: Collaborate with developers to ensure the technical aspects are optimized for performance.

  • Image optimization: Optimize images to reduce file sizes without compromising quality.

  • Balancing features and performance: Strive for a balance between feature-rich content and optimal loading times.

  • Infrastructure: Consider the hosting and server infrastructure to ensure smooth performance.

Learn about Wix website performance

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